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All Broadband services are competitively priced and targeted to residential customers. Libatech feels that this market segment has largely been neglected because of the amount of “hand-holding” required by this segment, and the inability to pay the astronomical fees charged by many ISPs for typically poor service and user support.

By working to simplify the creation, management, and support of our services, Libatech will enable customers to perform many tasks themselves, or automating these tasks based on the customer’s stated needs. This will make our pricing more competitive, the customer’s perception of service high, and the operation as a whole more reliable and profitable.

512Kbps $20 (512Kbps 512kbps)
1Mbps $30 (1Mbps 384Kbps)
2Mbps $40 (2Mbps 512Kbps)
3Mbps $50 (3Mbps 768Kbps)
4Mbps $70 (4Mbps 1Mbps)
8Mbps $100 (8Mbps 2Mbps)
Prices subject to 10% VAT

*** All service plans are unlimited
*** Fair Usage Policy (FUP) policy applies
*** Contention ratios are 30:1 for residential and 15:1 for business
*** Cache bypass 5MB for all services

Add-on Services:
• Detailed flow statistics (IP’s where traffic gone) – $10/month
• Quota planning system (you can set daily limits, restriction by time and etc..) – $10/month
• Personal firewall on ISP side (can be extended up to 15 rules) – $10/month
• Fixed IP with flat-rate and Quota account – $20/month
• Personal QoS on ISP side (can be extended up to 3 classes) – $10/month
• Compression proxy – $5/month
• Virtual Gaming LAN – $5/month
• Outsourced SOHO mail server (please call)
• VPN, hosting, (please call)

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