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Libatech offers a variety of services which will utilize ADSL to dramatically increase access speed over existing copper telephone lines. Libatech’s initial ADSL products and services will consist of (i) Residential Solutions for high-speed Internet access; (ii) Small-Medium Enterprise Solutions (iii) Corporate Solutions for dedicated high-speed Internet access; (iv) Local-loop solutions for secure Intranets and extranets.

RESIDENTIAL SOLUTIONS: Libatech offer Internet access at speeds ranging from 1Mbps to 6 and 8 Mbps. Libatech offers its customers a choice of speeds depending on the length and quality of the copper loop. Unlike ISDN or wireless, this high bandwidth Internet Solution is always on, significantly reducing latency (the actual time to access the services). The residential solution will serve customer’s throughput needs with scalable bandwidth and to protect their sites with ISP or campus Firewall.

Plan A $16 2Mbps 512Kbps 40GB
Plan B $25 2Mbps 512Kbps 50GB
Plan C $25 4Mbps 512Kbps 25GB
Plan D $33 4Mbps 512Kbps 50GB
Plan E $43 6Mbps 1024Kbps 60GB
Plan F $67 8Mbps 2Mbps 100GB
Plan G $25 1Mbps Unlimited
Plan H $50 2Mbps Unlimited
Plan I $75 4Mbps Unlimited
Prices subject to 10% VAT

* Cap: It is the sum of download and upload consumption
** All above prices are subject to VAT.

Notes: – Above indicated bandwidths are “Up To” based on your location and the quality of your copper phone line.

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