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Libatech has created a niche market as a one-stop Internet provider for 3G services. Additionally, Libatech has professionals with over 15 years combined experience in the industry, sophistication, sales and reseller distribution channels that are successful. Our services are formulated with ingredients known to increase the quality of communications, enhance internal business communications, and give users the opportunity to access the latest technology such as the ability to access the 3G technology on their mobile.

Libatech will maintain a number of different services and accessories. Each of these services and accessories can be placed at the growth phase on the product life cycle curve.

New services can be used for browsing the web, streaming, sending e-mails, video calls, or for just keeping up with friends by using the latest social apps on compatible handsets.

New 3G monthly price plans are traffic sensitive and are the same for residential and corporate subscribers.

Plans and Prices:

3G Plans Monthly Subscription Extra MByte
500MB $10 $0.07/MB
1.5GB $19 $0.07/MB
2GB $22 $0.07/MB
5GB $29 $0.07/MB
10GB $49 $0.07/MB
Prices subject to 10% VAT

SIM Card:

SIM Card Type Description Price (One Time)
Regular SIM Card For use with 3G modem or enabled device $6
Micro SIM Card To use with IPad $6
Prices are subject to 10% VAT

** The SIM card remains valid for 6 months from the date of last recharge.


Hardware Type Description Price
USB Dongle 3G USB modem with micro SD slot $30
MiFi router Battery operated WiFi 3G router $50
Prices are subject to 10% VAT

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