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What are IP addresses? How are they assigned?

April 24, 2015

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So, this particular question became relevant for me when I was checking my “Active Sessions” on LinkedIn.  I had 7 active sessions! 6 of them had IP addresses localized to Tampa, but one was listed as “Fort Lauderdale, FL” and logged in “16 minutes ago”. Huh? I immediately ended it.  Then I looked at the other 6 sessions, all listed as “Tampa”.  Most IP addresses beginning with “24.”, but one that begins with “72”.

Well I have a laptop, an iPad, a smartphone, my work computer — that takes care of 4.  Where else have I accessed my LinkedIn from.  Oh, another computer at work. That means 5.  How could I figure out why one of the 6 sessions had an IP address with “72” and another had an IP address with “24”, but both were listed as “Tampa FL”.  What are the algorithms behind IP addresses? Are they laid…

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