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Copyright and Internet Policy

April 7, 2014



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Copyright and Related Rights Act (2000, 2004)

Copyright is a legal concept that is enforced by governments to protect the authors of original work. Difficulties enforcing copyright?

  • Anonymus users
  • Hard to track
  • Confidence spreads too fast

Current copyright issues?

  • Can stream any film.
  • Downloading Music/Pictures/Photos.
  • Everything is click away.
  1. Data Protection Act (1988, 2003)

An organisation that has your personal data must get and use the information fairly and use it for only one or more clearly stated and lawful purposes.

Data controller – They are responsible for keeping and using any private or personal information in organisation.

Data Processor – Responsible for data entry,editing and management.

Defamation Act (2009)

Defamation means to publish untrue remarks about someone that may damage their reputation. You might have heard of newspapers being used for this occasionally.

Consumer Protection Act (2007)

Most consumers interact with digital media by shopping online…

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