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Taming my noisy internet life

March 17, 2014

61 Musings

distractions Yesterday I wrote about how introverts handle outside space, and the possible over stimulation of being out in public.  Today I’d like to write about the over stimulation of being “outside” on the internet.  Having a noisy internet life is every bit as draining to an introvert as spending every evening in a crowded pub.  It’s time to learn to control that life just like I’ve learned to control my external world.  (Note:  the references in this posting can apply equally to introverts and extroverts.  For introverts, it’s just another way of quieting the mental noise lots of us live with.)

One of my favorite Introvert authors is Beth Buelow, writer of The Introvert Entrepreneur.  I’m not an entrepreneur yet, but I’m working toward that goal.  Whether you’re in business for yourself, work for someone else, or have retired completely, she has wonderful things to inspire you.  (Check out…

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