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Five Reasons Why WhatsApp Isn’t Ready For Big Business Eric Lai

February 22, 2014


Five Reasons Why WhatsApp Isnt Ready For Big Business image whatsapp screenshot 600x400

By now, you?ve probably heard whassup about WhatsApp, why both Facebook and, apparently, Google would be willing to spend $19 billion (or more!) for this 5-year-old startup.

I bet none of those plaudits concerned what WhatsApp brings to the table for businesses. Like Apple with its iPhone, WhatsApp doesn’t win business customers by design, but accident. The most obvious case being small, thrifty companies with employees or business partners scattered across different countries. They use WhatsApp to keep in touch. Of course, these are the same kinds of firms that put up with jittery pictures and murky sound on Skype rather than adopt business-class videoconferencing.

Aimed squarely at consumers, WhatsApp is not true enterprise mobile messaging. Indeed, I?d argue that it fails the enterprise sniff test in five crucial ways:

(Full disclosure: my employer, Avaya, offers what we believe IS an enterprise-ready messaging service.)

1. Lack of Platforms

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