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Your Data Gets Lost Or Stolen Online Frequently. Do You Even Care?

December 29, 2013

::: Shailendra Nair :::

2013 was filled with even more large service providers, government departments and enterprises getting hacked or otherwise loosing your data. Your data was likely lost on multiple occasions just from the breaches in the news, let alone the ones that never made the headlines. Reputation or direct fiscal impact are proven outcomes of such breaches, yet I’ve observed that in many cases people don’t particularly care when their data is lost. I think many receive an e-mail informing them of the problem, pause for 2-3 seconds of reflection before moving on with whatever they were doing before. Imagine then, the following scenario. How would you behave?

We are all moving more and more of our personal and business data online and the potential damage to you and your business increases every day. What then, you might ask, is being done about this problem?

The trend of data breaches shows little…

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