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The Age of Technology

December 29, 2013


The Age of Technology

I really enjoyed what Sherry Turkle had to say about technology and how it is actually affecting us. Technology is definitely something that has made me feel alienated in life. Growing up in the ‘age of technology’ without physically ever owning any of it made it quite difficult to understand the hype and much easier to see the side effects. Relationships are changing, what they are and who you can have them with. Intimacy is dwindling. I can’t even express how many situations where it is perfectly acceptable to be completely occupied by some device while still surrounded by people. Because of this, I really related to the title of “Alone Together”. That perfectly describes what technology has done for us.

I, for one, am extremely disappointed in what technology has become. I love technology, but in my lifetime it has been unsatisfying and boring. I thought people would invent…

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