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The internet takeover

November 13, 2013

Kirra Mardel

With a society that lives on the internet, is the way of physical items a thing of the past?

In 1980, Song and Phillips joined together to create the first CD, this would soon overtake Vinyl and Audio Cassette, but is the overtake of a cyber-society about to throw the physical CD out the window.

When the internet first started off in 1995, we never thought that it would affect our lives the way it does today, everything is at our fingertips and with computers having hard drives that can hold mass amounts of files and data it simply makes it more convenient to hold these files on them rather than having the actual hard copies.

But in fact people have questioned if these files will still be around in 20-30 years due to everything essentially a soft copy and if this happens will we still be able to go…

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