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Understanding mobile phone technical terms and acronyms

October 12, 2013

Melbourne Criminal Lawyers Blog

As defence lawyers we spend a lot of time working out issues about our clients’ mobile phones;

  1. Who do we subpoena to get information for a particular number?
  2. Where were they at a certain time? (what tower were they near when making calls)
  3. Who have they been ringing?
  4. Who has been ringing them?

I came across this very useful list of mobile phone acronyms which I have added a couple to.

If there are others that are missed, please shoot them through via the comments below and we will update the list.



3G Third Generation of mobile phone technology – a type of mobile phone system and a successor to second generation mobile phone systems like GSM.
Active Data Data which is currently referenced by the file system that is readily visible to the user through the device without specialist tools or reconstruction. This does not generally include…

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