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SMS: Short communication with long impacts?

October 11, 2013


It is something we all know these days. SMS, which means Short Messaging Service, is part of our life around the world. It is all about message, so it is all about communication. Although the message is generally short, it has a long impact. At least it is changing the way we communicate. If not changing totally, it is re-shaping some forms of written communication of the tech era.

First of all, SMS showed us how to write in the wring way and yet to consider that as right. SMS actually initialized spelling like Gr8 to mean Great, Plz to mean Please, BTW to mean By The Way, Coz to mean Because and many others like these. As mobile telephony and SMS came first than Internet chat, the style of spelling for tech-medium started from SMS and then was used in internet chat. These gradually were transmitted to other web…

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